The basic program for the IDEA Debate Exchange 2016 was as follows:

  • Monday August 21             -              Arrivals Day
  • Tuesday August 22            -              Training Day 1
  • Wednesday August 23       -              Training Day 2
  • Thursday August 24           -              Excursion Day
  • Friday August 25                -              Training Day 3
  • Saturday August 26            -              Training Day 4   
  • Sunday August 27              -              Practice Day
  • Monday August 28             -              Departures Day

You can find a more detailed training programme in this document. Each training day consisted of longer workshops and shorter seminars. The former were sessions that cover a larger topic guided by a trainer, while the seminars could be set up on demand and on the spot, covered a shorter topic and/or could be more of a dialogue than a training. 

There were three tracks at the IDEA Debate Exchange 2016: debate training, debate organising and debate promotion, covering development of training skills, organisational skills and spreading debate through promotion and further uses of debate.

Other programme components were a practice day, in which participants put what they had learned into practice by running a debate competition, judging in it, tabbing, or providing training or coaching. In addition, there were sessions discussing opportunities for cooperation, social events and an excursion to explore Bulgaria. 

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