IDEA European Cup 2012

The IDEA European Cup took place on Saturday, December 15, on the beautiful campus of Regent's College London. Teams representing twelve European nations competed over three preliminary rounds and the final for the grand prize, which was a free team spot for the upcoming 2013 European Universities Debating Championships in Manchester.

The final debate, chaired by Professor Aldwyn Cooper, Chief Executive of Regent's College Longon, was contested between the teams from Ireland, Catalonia, England and Scotland. The motion for the final was that as a Greek voter, this House would vote for Syriza.

The final was won by Ireland, represented by Mark Haughton and Christine Simpson, in closing government. The best speaker of the competition was Ireland's Mark Hauhgton, followed by Christine Simpson (Ireland) and John Engle (Catalonia).

The Catalan team in opening government described Syriza as the only political force in Greece that can credibly renegotiate the bailout and stop the rise of the far-right Golden Dawn, claims that were rebuffed by team England in opening opposition which asserted that Germany would never accept renegotiations and that the current Samaras cabinet has exhausted all renegotiation possibilities. Ireland, from closing government, won the main clash of the debate by showing why the EU and the IMF, and Germany itself, would have to agree to a renegotiation and how Syriza would be able to overturn austerity measures. Scotland, in closing opposition, suggested alternative political options to Syriza, questioning the party's ability to be taken seriously on the European and international levels.

Israel, represented by Edo Rosenblum and Meir Yarom, won the ESL division of the European Cup by gathering 6 team points in the three preliminary rounds. They were joined in the ESL top three by Germany on 4 team points and Poland on 2 team points. The best ESL speaker for the competition was Lucia Sontseva, representing Scotland, followed by a tie on second place between Meir Yarom (Israel) and Dessislava Kirova (Germany).

The Chief Adjudicator of the tournament was Harish Natarajan, CA of the 2014 World Universities Debating Championship and past CA of the four largest intervarsity debating competitions in England (Oxford, Cambridge SOAS and Manchester). The preliminary round motions debated were:

  1. This House believes that all professional football clubs should be majority owned by their supporters
  2. This House would ban children from participating in religious activities
  3. This House believes that emerging democracies should ban the election of close family members of current or previous office-holders

The final team results have as follows:

  1. Ireland: 9 team points, 497 speaker points
  2. Catalonia*: 9 team points, 480 speaker points
  3. England: 8 team points, 482 speaker points
  4. Scotland: 7 team points, 474 speaker points
  5. Israel: 6 team points, 463 speaker points
  6. Wales: 5 team points, 469 speaker points
  7. Germany: 4 team points, 463 speaker points
  8. Poland: 2 team points, 447 speaker points
  9. Portugal: 2 team points, 432 speaker points
  10. Netherlands: 1 team point, 447 speaker points
  11. Slovenia: 1 team point, 437 speaker points
  12. Greece: 0 team points, 420 speaker points

The final speaker results have as follows:

  1. Mark Haughton (University College Dublin L&H) 249
  2. Christine Simpson (University College Dublin L&H) 248
  3. John Engle* (Trinity College Dublin Phil) 242
  4. Charlie Morris (Sheffield) 241
  5. Pete Doughton (Sheffield) 241
  6. Anne Valkering* (ASDV Bonaparte) 238
  7. Nathan Paulson (Glasgow University Union) 238
  8. David Jones (Aberystwyth) 238
  9. Lucia Sontseva (Glasgow University Union) 236
  10. Meir Yarom (Haifa) 233
  11. Dessislava Kirova (Berlin Debating Union) 233
  12. Kirsty Logan (Cardiff) 231
  13. Edo Rosenblum (Haifa) 230
  14. Patrick Ehmann (Berlin Debating Union) 230
  15. Eduardo Villamor Martinez (Maastricht) 227
  16.  Karolina Partyga (Warsaw) 226
  17. Konrad Kiljan (Warsaw) 221
  18. Ary Ferreira da Cunha (Porto) 221
  19. Miha Medvedsek (Ljubljana) 221
  20. Caspar Kaiser (Maastricht) 220
  21. Ivan Koruza (Ljubljana) 216
  22. Joana Carrilho (Porto) 213
  23. Anastasios Poulitsis (Deree) 210
  24. Marlene Tabbah (Deree) 210

IDEA would like to thank Professor Aldwyn Cooper and Regent's College London for being excellent hosts for the competition, as well as Donovon Kellyman and the Regent's College Debating Union for hosting the tournament and providing with staff support on the day. We are now looking forward to hosting the 2013 IDEA European Cup, with even more teams representing more countries from the rapidly expanding European debating circuit.


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*: Due to illness, a speaker was unable to attend the competition. The resulting composite team chose to represent the region of Catalonia.

The IDEA European Cup is part of the Debate@Europe project. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.