studying grammar is more important than practicing conversation skills

in my university there are two lecturers. one of them always order me to memorize all about grammar. start from tenses until finish about grammar. i think it is boring.

contrary to a lecturer one, this lecturer always order me to practice conversation skills. and he said, forget about grammar, stop listening and now it is time to practice and practice.

i am very confuse where there is right or wrong. would you like to give me a solutions? thanks :)


I assume that we are talking about English here? Since English schools themselves more or less ignore grammar (beyond the basics) these days I would say conversation skills are more important!

Spoken english is quite different from grammar taught in schools, colleges and universities. It has more of small slangs than the proper grammar used. Whereas grammar is quite improtant in writing, the conversational skills are quite helpful in both speaking and writing areas. 

While conversing, using the right grammar is quite unusual but it actually helps in the grammar. Grammar is easy if you speak well. To know grammar you have to speak and decide whether it sounds right or not. If you have learnt spoken english and practiced the conversational talent, you will have no problem at all with english grammar. 

So seeing the larger point of view, conversational english will do more amount of help than the proper grammar itself. 

Since you are in university I guess grammar is probably important to pass any exams you have but after that it won't be (unless you want to teach english?). Frankly the important thing is to be understood; for this grammar can occasionally be important but most of the time it really wont matter. So if your aim is to simply be able to be understood and make your way around English speaking countries then conversation is what you want.

My spelling, grammar, and punctuation is frankly awful (as is much of the UK population's) so if you do learn it properly you will probably be one up on the natives!

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Yes, Grammar is very important in order to understand both side. Saying words correctly is part of the converrsation. That is from basic 'till the end. Then thats the time to practice what you;ve learnred.


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