Each national partner will organise at least one debate competition and one public debate for students at their university or in their city. The partners are Debattierklub Wien, Nederlandse Debatbond, Sociedade de Debates da Universidade do Porto, Stockholm School of Economics and Verband der Debattierclubs an Hochschulen. 



Debattierklub Wien is an organisation dedicated to enable students to use their rhetoric, argumentative and communication potential to the fullest through the use and training of organised debates. The society was founded in 2004 and is run by a dedicated crowd of students. It has developed into one of the most active debating societies in the region, meeting at least two times a week. Since 2011, DK Wien hosts the annual Vienna IV which has successfully grown to one of the largest tournaments on the continent. Besides that, Vienna Teams regularly compete in international tournaments, including Worlds, Euros, German championships and various IVs and Opens.


The Nederlandse debatbond is the umbrella organisation for debating in the Netherlands with over 1.000 active debaters. Our goal is to promote and support parliamentary debating in the Netherlands. We organise a platform for all Dutch debating societies to discuss how we are going to achieve these goals. The debatbond is very proud to be partner of IDEA and organise, together with three Dutch debating societies, a series of events that are going to introduce new people to debating as well as give weathered veterans a chance to hone their skills again.


The University of Porto’s Debating Society was established in 2010, after the merger of two smaller debate clubs and is the first of its kind on the Iberian Peninsula. We currently have around 650 members. Our main activity is the promotion of debate at the University of Porto. We organize around 75 debates per year in the University. We also organize an annual Model United Nations, master classes, an intramural championship, public debates and the International Debate Camp in summer. We have been, are and will be participating in activities, giving advice, organizing workshops and helping out newly founded debating societies in Portugal. We co-created CNADU – the Portuguese University Debate Council and are an active part of the international debate scene.


SSE Debate Society was founded in 2009 and is currently the only Debate Society in Stockholm (and the only active debate society in Sweden north of Scania). We are roughly 100 members and growing, with training/debate sessions held twice a week. Roughly 20 people attend these meetings regularly allowing for about 8-16 participants for each meeting. The Society will be hosting its first international tournament in May with the Stockholm IV.


The VDCH – Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies – is the umbrella association for more than 70 debating societies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. VDCH Land has a common, German-language tournament series “ZEIT DEBATTEN” with four national tournaments a year, a debate league “Freie Debattierliga” and  national and regional championships. Also, the VDCH publishes the magazine "Achte Minute" as a magazine for German and international debating. Finally, the association hosts regular adjudication seminars as well as events to share best-practice across debating societies.