Debate Changing Europe

Europe is going through a period of major changes: economic difficulties, decreasing job security and a breakdown of financial trust between nations and institutions on the one hand and rising disaffection with politics, an increasing influence of populism, xenophobia and distrust of political and business leaders on the other. These changes put into question the future development of European nation states and of the European Union project. They require adaptations of current policies and new solutions to questions about national and international solidarity, European cooperation, social and cultural identities, economic development, migration and how to deal with the world beyond the European borders.

These issues are fundamental to the future of Europe and its citizens. It is essential to create more awareness about them and about their causes and potential solutions. IDEA therefore cooperated with a number of student debate organisations to engage students with these issues in debate tournaments and public debates in 2013.

IDEA, in turn, hosted a Common European Event in Maastricht for the winners of the debate competitions. The Event focused on youth employment in Europe. Participants followed in lobbying and advocacy trainings before meeting with European policy makers. They learned in practice what it meant to try to influence policy at the European level. The participants of the Common European Event returned home with new skills and hosted trainings in their own countries in those skills in October and November. They also asked participants about their views on European youth unemployment and presented those ideas in Brussels to an audience of European policymakers on youth employment on the 3rd of December 2013.