Other projects

IDEA runs many projects linked to European issues and politics. Here, you can find an overview of smaller European projects that we currently run, and some projects that ran in previous years.

Current projects:

European Debates (2014): a public debates series convened by Burger Europas in cooperation with the German debate assocation VDCH. The series consists of public debates between students and politicians on European issues related to the European Parliament Elections in May 2014 held in seven European countries. One-third of debates is held before the elections, the others are held afterwards. IDEA NL coordinates two debates: one in Rotterdam and the other in Amsterdam.

Havel European Dialogues and Debates (ongoing): the HEDD is a series of debates between citizens, poilticians and intellectuals from the highest levels of European societies. The goal is to give a voice to European citizens who have so far been left aside in the European integration process, by holding dialogues and debates to raise important questions and seek potential solutions to issues facing the EU.

Inclusion of African youth in Europe (2013-2014): a debate project with young people from the Netherlands and Belgium, many with African roots on the issue of inclusion of African youth in Europe, mostly in the areas of education, security and employment. The project includes debate trainings, a competition, public debate and advocacy trainings.

Finished projects

Debate@Europe (2012): a project for Dutch, Estonian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovak and UK high school and university students. They debated online against each other through vbates, met with compatriots in national and local debate events and the best and most active of them competed in Amsterdam in the Debate@Europe final in December 2012.

Debating the future of African youth in Europe and Africa (2012): the forerunner of the Inclusion of African youth in Europe project taught a total of 45 young people from the Netherlands and Germany debate skills, provided them with a chance to compete and show off their skills in a competition and public debate on issues related to the position of African youth in both continents.

IdebateEU (2013): a project in which IDEA NL and IDEA UK worked with members from nine different countries to improve learning and cooperation between members, seek new methods of exchange and evaluation of our events and learn from each other's projects.