Scotland votes to keep the Union

Scotland referendum: Can you trust the opinion polls?

(Scottish Government Referendum Consultation Press Conference - CCBYNC 2.0)

European Election results: Low turnouts and extremist gains

(Photo: Nigel Farage Campaigning by Jennifer Jane Mills CC 2.0)

Why you should get out there and vote.

The elections for the European Parliament (EP) are starting today. Polls have already opened where I am in the United Kingdom (before you ask no I have not voted yet but will in the next couple of hours). The Netherlands are also voting today, Ireland and Czech Republic tomorrow, followed by Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and France's overseas territories on Saturday.

Commission President TV debate; essentially vacuous or a big step forward?

Screenshot of Eurovision Debate broadcast on BBC Parliament

Debatabase needs Europeans to write debates

I am finding that our majority British writers are not particularly interested in writing debates on the European Union. Since this is an area where we are likely to want more debates in the run up to the European Parliamentary elections in 2014 it would be nice if we could find some people who are more interested in Europe.

The deadline has passed, but the topics have remained

As the EU brought along ERASMUS and Schengen, it also brought along a new age of international cooperation for many new member states. It has also brought up the problem of having many different languages in a relatively small area.


Recently I watched a debate concerning the abolition of the ERASMUS exchange program. It is uploaded as a Vbate in two parts (3rd and 4th speeches are in another debate) for all those that want to see it.

The inequality of accredited curricula in the EU.

The aim of the Bologna process is to make European universities comparable. Sure, accredited curriculums are valid in every country in the European Union, which would indicate that the essential things studied are the same for each subject all over the Union.

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