Debate@Europe Partners

LogoThe International Debate Education Association (IDEA) is a global organization which aims to create more participatory democracies with informed citizens by teaching debate in over 90 countries. Established in 1999, IDEA acts as an independent membership organization of national debate clubs, associations, programs, and individuals who share a common purpose: to promote mutual understanding and democracy globally by supporting discussion and active citizenship locally.

Although it maintains an international presence, IDEA places particular emphasis on those societies where democracy is in its infancy and where negotiated resolution to conflicts and cross-community dialogue are little-established concepts. By offering young people the opportunity to debate the important issues facing them, IDEA strives to cultivate and nurture an engaged, democratic citizenry, underscoring the notions of tolerance, international cooperation and freedom of expression.

IDEA promotes its programs and its mission via a wide range of educational and strategic initiatives, from curriculum development and active citizenship training to international student exchanges and an annual, much-celebrated international youth forum.

IDEA has offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and New York and its debates take place in over 60 languages in over 50 countries throughout the world.

LogoThe Romanian Association of Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric was founded in 1998. Today it consists of 6 regional organizations (ARDOR Banat, Transylvania, Moldova, Muntenia, AES Ploiesti and Asociatia Transilvana ‘Disputa’ in Hungarian). It won the first prize in the Civil Society Gala for its Closer to Oxford program.

LogoThe Estonian Debating Society was established in 1994. In 2004 it won the NGO of the Year award in Estonia. Over 500 high school students, university students and teachers participate in the organization's activities each year, which include hosting the annual Estonian Open, the IDEA Youth Forum in 2004 and the European Universities Debating Championship in 2008.

LogoThe Youth Educational Forum was established in 1999 to further promote debating in the Republic of Macedonia. It has represented the country in a number of international events, including the European Universities Debating Championships and the IDEA Youth Forum, which it hosted in 2005. It also operates other non-formal education programs, such as the ‘Street Law’ initiative, and campaigns for social issues such as higher education reform in Macedonia.

LogoThe Slovak Debate Association, founded in 1999, has over 750 members in 39 clubs. The SDA runs the Slovak Debate League, the Bratislava Schools Debating Chamipionships and the Discover Summer Academy. It represents Slovakia at the World Schools Debating Championships and the IDEA Youth Forum, which it hosted in 2002.