Final event of Debate@Europe completed

The Debate@Europe project was concluded in Amsterdam with a total of 129 youth from 9 countries participaing in the final event that took place from the 28th of November until the 2nd of December. The participants learned a great deal about Europe and their place in it from the trainings on the 29th, some of which were recorded, and preliminary round debates with people from different parts of the continent on the 30th. They impressed the experts and public present at the final and public debate afterwards and showed off their newly gained skills to great success. You can now see an impression of the whole public debate event in De Rode Hoed below. All the results are described in more detail as well.

Mojmír Stehlík (Slovakia) and Stefana Popa (Romania) won the final of the Debate@Europe Mixed Teams Tournament as the Closing Government team on the motion that this House would ban far-right parties from competing in elections in European countries. The other teams in the final were Anna Schröder (Netherlands) and Irina Suatean (Romania) in Opening Government, Adriana Panait (Romania) and Matúš Divéky (Slovakia) in Opening Opposition and Karl Lall (Estonia) and Simona Sarafinovska (Macedonia) in Closing Opposition. You can replay the final online now.

he top 10 speakers of the preliminary rounds were:

1. Karl Lall (Estonia) 309
2. Teodora Stolevska (Macedonia) 307
3. Mojmír Stehlík (Slovakia) 304
3. Adriana Panait (Romania) 304
5. Stefana Popa (Romania) 303
6. Marija Gelmanovska (Macedonia) 302
7. Irina Suatean (Romania) 301
8. Simona Sarafinovska (Macedonia) 300
8. Jozef Maruščák (Slovakia) 300
8. Milka Gerovska (Macedonia) 300

The top four speakers were also invited to take part in two public debates as part of the final event, which also featured field experts discussing European democracy and minority rights. These were Arnoldas Pranckevičius, senior advisor to the President of the European Parliament, Peter Matjasic of the European Youth Forum, Valeriu Nicolae of the Policy Centre for Roma and Minorities in Bucharest and Jef Helmer of Spolu International.

The preliminary round motions of the Debate@Europe Mixed Team Tournament, set by Manos Moschopoulos, Chief Adjudicator and former World Best ESL Speaker, were:

  1. THBT the European Union should ban art, including literature or film, that directly insults any religion
  2. THBT the EU should oblige its member states to include positive references to LGBT individuals and issues in their high school textbooks
  3. THBT the European Union should guarantee membership to regions of existing EU member states, such as Catalonia or Scotland, that secede
  4. THB that Europe should weaken its austerity measures to guarantee its citizens greater social support

These are the pictures IDEA NL Board of Directors member Ton Sonneveldt took at the public final of Debate@Europe. Enjoy them on our 3D wall below or find them on our Flickr account.

These are the pictures that the RadioMOF team took during the trainings and tournament. They are on our 3D wall below and on our Flickr account.