Debate@Europe features an international online competition between students from the six partner countries. The competition has two tracks: one for high schools and one for universities.

Every country enters ten teams in each round. Eight of those teams are high school teams and two of them are university teams. Individual debaters can take part in more than one team during a round or the competition.

The ultimate goal of the competition is to enable dialogue across Europe in a structured environment and to provide with an objective criteria to select some of the participants for the Debate@Europe Conference in Amsterdam. Also, countries are ranked on the basis of their wins and losses on our league table, with the top country receiving a prize along with the three top speakers from each round and the top ten debaters overall. 

The competition features five rounds, each lasting for a month. Three motions are picked by our standards committee for each round. Every debate lasts for six days, with the first proposition speech delivered on Monday and the last opposition speech delivered on Saturday. Then, the adjudicators, provided by the partner countries, have three days to adjudicate the round.

For more information regarding the competition contact your national Debate@Europe partner or the tabulation team at IDEA London.