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The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

about us

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About IDEA

IDEA is an international network with over ten years of experience in teaching debate to young people.

We are dedicated to inspiring informed discussion around the world.

about us

Debate@Europe is an educational project for young people in six countries across Europe. It fosters dialogue and mutual understanding through online and offline debates on European issues.


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17 Sep 2014
Here’s an example on how a debating society can help improve the quality of public debate.
7 Sep 2014
The Croatian Debate Society (HDD) would  like  to  invite  you  to  the  international Winter Holidays Open (WHO). The...
28 Jul 2014
The IDEA Debate Exchange 2014 took place from 20 to 26 July in Hoorn, Netherlands. Fifty student debaters from across Europe took part in the event which was...

Populism in Europe


IDEBATE Press: Speak Out! A Guide to Middle School Debate. http://t.co/kBubf0yOmZ
4:05 pm - 29 Oct 14
[Photo gallery] IDEA produced comics exhibited at International Comics Festival http://t.co/hDZ5NeHKK4
2:31 pm - 29 Oct 14
IDEBATE Press: Frontiers of the 21st Century. Argumentation, Debate and the Struggle for a Civil Society. http://t.co/yvjOK25vNj
4:02 pm - 28 Oct 14
Are British attempts to reform the EU doomed to failure? http://t.co/kU90M0RpL7
2:01 pm - 28 Oct 14
Winter Holidays Open, debate tournament in Zagreb to be held 19-21 December 2014. Registration deadline: 5 November. http://t.co/rf1myQzxw3
10:55 am - 28 Oct 14