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The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

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About IDEA

IDEA is an international network with over ten years of experience in teaching debate to young people.

We are dedicated to inspiring informed discussion around the world.

about us

Debate@Europe is an educational project for young people in six countries across Europe. It fosters dialogue and mutual understanding through online and offline debates on European issues.


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12 Dec 2014
The Leiden Debating Union hosted a public debate about the question: “Should the EU have acted more resolutely to counter the Crimean Crisis?” in...
12 Dec 2014
The Féderation Francophone de Débate invites you to its annual World Championships, held in Paris from 18 to 22 May 2015. Participants from all countries are...
10 Dec 2014
On Wednesday the 10th of December the Leiden Debating Union organises a public debate about the question "Should the EU have acted more resolutely to...
9 Dec 2014
2015 promises to be yet another active and diverse year for IDEA NL.

Populism in Europe


Korea Women's Debate Open. Registration is open. http://t.co/sfxwhq9QNL
4:00 pm - 28 Jan 15
▶ GDPPC 2014 Keynote Speaker: Joanne Csete. Topic: No more fronts in a losing war: Can the drug policy reformers win? http://t.co/PiCZwKMZdm
2:30 pm - 28 Jan 15
The 9-Step Cheat Sheet For Becoming a Public Speaking Expert [infographic] http://t.co/adErzkOPss
12:20 pm - 28 Jan 15
▶ Malaysia #WUDC 2015: Open Grand Finals http://t.co/f1QhvJtMSp
10:05 am - 28 Jan 15
RT @OpenSociety: To avoid repeating the violence of the past, Europe needs to remember the Roma Genocide. http://t.co/O0Xghopjwc #Auschwit…
4:07 pm - 27 Jan 15