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The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

about us

New Project "Debating Threats to Democracy"

About IDEA

IDEA is an international network with over ten years of experience in teaching debate to young people.

We are dedicated to inspiring informed discussion around the world.

about us

Debate@Europe is an educational project for young people in six countries across Europe. It fosters dialogue and mutual understanding through online and offline debates on European issues.


  • 5 Aug 2016
    IDEA Network News
    All international participants of the IDEA Debate Exchange have now left Sofia. After the final day of the Exchange on Monday the 1st, and sightseeing for some on the...
  • 31 Jul 2016
    IDEA Network News
    Participants at the IDEA Debate Exchange in Sofia have started their final training day today. They are discussing ways to use debate for youth advocacy, and ways to...
  • 28 Jul 2016
    IDEA Network News
    How do you organise a debate tournament, what is effective pr, how do you judge and what are basic training skills you need? What are good ways to use debate for...
  • 26 Jul 2016
    IDEA Network News
    Participants from all over Europe are gathering today for the start of the third edition of the IDEA Debate Exchange in Sofia.
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23 Jun 2016
Today the polls are open in one of the biggest decisions handed to the British electorate in history. A vote in a general election just decides on the...
3 Jun 2016
Registation for the IDEA Debate Exchange is closing on the
13 May 2016
Do you want to learn how to become a better debate trainer? Do you have ideas how to spread debate to new areas and want to meet others who are working on that...
11 Dec 2015
On 5 and 6 December IDEA delivered a debate training for the ‘Crazy for Democracy’ project in Bari, Italy organized by EUROSUD in cooperation with Agenzia...

Populism in Europe


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