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The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

about us

Sofia, July 26-August 2
IDEA Debate Exchange
New Project "Debating Threats to Democracy"

About IDEA

IDEA is an international network with over ten years of experience in teaching debate to young people.

We are dedicated to inspiring informed discussion around the world.

about us

Debate@Europe is an educational project for young people in six countries across Europe. It fosters dialogue and mutual understanding through online and offline debates on European issues.


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14 Sep 2015
The IDEA Debate Exchange 2015 was yet again a great success. The training and exchange event in Ljubljana for, mostly, European student debate organisations...
7 Sep 2015
IDAS 2015 -  World Debate Institute, USA and Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga  invite you to register for 13th International Debate Academy...
16 Aug 2015
Dutch former high school debater Caspar Jacobs moved to Oxford for studies. He has taken up working at OxHoP and started up debate workshops for the homeless...
10 Aug 2015
A total of 57 participants have gathered yesterday and today for the second IDEA Debate Exchange in Ljubljana. Almost twice as many as the year before and with...

Populism in Europe


GDPPC Budapest Forum 2014 Panel Discussion: A Post-"War on Drugs" World https://t.co/PkjDawb3wh
2:25 pm - 14 Jun 16
RT @antevista: 1.5 million voices are being ignored and refused the chance to vote #EUref Hear their voices at this unique debate. https://…
11:43 am - 14 Jun 16
Today's #debate: This House would vote to stay in the EU after Cameron’s deal https://t.co/Ta86mteub4 #votestay
5:15 pm - 13 Jun 16
Dictionary of Debate and Public Speaking contains over 600 terms and concepts related to debate and public speaking. https://t.co/mO3YgcSl1j
1:40 pm - 10 Jun 16